The 50% discount club

A unique chance

The 50% discount club is a simple discount programs put in place to help you save extra with simplicity and a non frill set up

This discount level is put in place until late spring 2022, this is a good way to save before we move to our hyper discounted private gems buying service
The Fallinlovegems Canadian warehouse will close down in June 2022, after that date we will be fully offering our service true our private gems buying service.

Reach one time the 50% level and receive 50% until we closed our Canadian warehouse in early summer 2022

This offer is valid only for direct buy true us( not if you place your order on our etsy store ) This give you automatically the chance to join our private gems buying club. If you are interested you can book a call with us. Email me at 


All fund listed in usd$

100$ + ......= 30% pay 70$

400$ +......= 35% pay 260$

800$ +......= 40% pay 480$

1000$ + ...= 45% pay 550 $

2000$ + ....= 50% pay 1000$

More discount needed contact us