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Answers to Your Queries

How do you manage to offer such low prices?

At Fallinlovegems, we are able to offer competitive prices by eliminating the additional costs typically associated with modern e-commerce stores. By streamlining our operations and bypassing unnecessary fees, we significantly reduce our expenses and pass on the savings to our customers.

Where is your location?

We are based in Thailand and work closely with gemstone factories throughout Asia to ensure the highest quality gemstone beads.

How long does shipping usually take?

Regular UPS shipping typically takes approximately 7 business days for delivery.

Are you the same owners as Fallinlovegems on Etsy?

Yes, we are the same individuals behind Fallinlovegems on Etsy. Our names are Elie and Jaruwan.

Can I contact you directly? How can I verify your identity?

Absolutely! You can call or email us anytime. We are always available to assist you. Rest assured, we are the genuine Fallinlovegems team dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and quality products.

How many items do you have access to? How do your prices compare to leading suppliers in North America or Europe?

With partnerships established with some of the largest gemstone factories worldwide, we have access to an extensive range of approximately 100,000 different gemstone items.

At Fallinlovegems, we maintain transparency in our pricing. We do not differentiate prices among customers. Upon request, we can provide past packing lists (with names and addresses redacted) to showcase the actual prices our customers have paid.

In terms of pricing, you can typically expect our gemstone beads to be approximately 50 to 70% cheaper compared to leading e-commerce platforms specializing in gemstone beads. We strive to offer competitive prices while ensuring the utmost quality and value for our customers.

What is landed cost?

Landed cost refers to the total cost incurred in the process of importing and shipping goods, taking into account various fees and charges. It is a comprehensive calculation that encompasses not only the initial purchase price of the items but also includes expenses related to transportation, customs duties, taxes, handling fees, and any other costs associated with bringing the goods to their final destination.

To illustrate with an example, let's say you purchase 100 strands of gemstone beads at $1 per strand. The shipping cost is $10, and additional fees for taxes and import charges amount to $2. In this case, the total landed cost would be $112. This figure represents the complete cost of the goods, including all relevant fees incurred during the shipping and importation process.

By considering the landed cost, you can accurately determine the final cost per bead once the items have arrived at your doorstep, accounting for all the expenses involved. In this example, the cost per strand would be $1.12, reflecting the complete cost of each individual bead after factoring in all fees paid.

How much will I pay in customs fees and shipping?

We understand the importance of providing accurate information on the landed cost, which includes all relevant expenses. As mentioned earlier, the landed cost encompasses the total price of the items, including shipping and any applicable fees.

Based on our data, the average customs fees for customers in Canada range from approximately 12% to 15%. In the United States, if you keep your order bellow 800$ there is no taxes and custom fees . It's important to note that these percentages can vary depending on the specific items you order.

Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of the items being shipped. For instance, if you order 2 mm micro-faceted beads, they are lightweight compared to a larger order of 12 mm beads.

At Fallinlovegems, we have access to highly competitive shipping rates. We never add any profit or handling fees to our shipping quotes. Our goal is to provide you with the most cost-effective shipping options available.

Do you have any pictures of your available items?

A: At Fallinlovegems, our business model operates directly with gemstone factories to minimize costs. As a result, we don't have a website with a catalog of available items. However, we are committed to providing you with pictures of the specific items you are interested in purchasing. We ensure a personalized experience by directly communicating with you and sharing images of the gemstone beads you wish to buy.

To further assist you in visualizing our collection, we recommend visiting our Facebook page.

There, you'll find an extensive range of gemstone bead images, with approximately 4000 items that are continuously updated. It serves as a valuable resource for exploring the variety of gemstone beads we offer. Please feel free to browse through the images, and if you have any specific requests or inquiries, we are available to promptly assist you.

At Fallinlovegems, we prioritize direct communication and provide personalized pictures to ensure your complete satisfaction with the gemstone beads you purchase. Contact us to receive customized images of the items you desire, and visit our Facebook page for a glimpse of our beautiful gemstone bead collection.

Q: How much can I expect to save when purchasing from you compared to leading online gemstone merchants?

A: When you choose to purchase from Fallinlovegems, you can expect significant savings compared to leading online gemstone merchants. On average, our buyers save approximately 50% or more, but the savings can surpass this figure. We take into account all associated costs, including shipping and landed expenses, to provide you with the most accurate picture of the savings you can enjoy.

For example, imagine you're considering a basket of beads valued at $500 from a leading online shop. By choosing Fallinlovegems, you can acquire the same or even higher quality beads for just $250 or less, inclusive of all costs. That's a substantial saving of 50% or more compared to traditional online merchants.

It's important to note that these savings are based on average scenarios, and the actual amount you save will depend on factors such as the specific items, quantities, and shipping destinations. We are dedicated to offering the best possible prices and ensuring that you receive exceptional value for your gemstone purchases.

What is the minimum purchase requirement?

A: At Fallinlovegems, our current minimum purchase requirement is $200 per order. Additionally, we kindly request a minimum of 5 strands per type of gemstone. However, for higher-value gemstones, we can be flexible and consider lowering the minimum strand requirement.

We understand that different gemstones have varying values and that some may be more sought after than others. Therefore, we are open to adjusting the minimum strand requirement for higher-value gemstones to accommodate your specific needs.

By maintaining a minimum purchase requirement, we ensure that we can provide a streamlined and efficient service while offering competitive prices for our valued customers.

Should you have any further inquiries regarding the minimum purchase or any other aspect of our services, please feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you and provide a personalized gemstone buying experience tailored to your requirements.

Q: Do you have real reviews?

Absolutely! We take pride in our exceptional customer satisfaction. Our previous Etsy shop garnered over 75,509 reviews, with a stellar 5-star rating. Check out the capture below to witness our outstanding achievement. Your trust and satisfaction are our top priorities!

Where is the link to our facebook page ?

Here it is :

Discover a small portion of our unlimited gemstone stock with over 3,000 stunning pictures on our Facebook page! Fall in love with the beauty of Fallinlovegems. 💎🌟

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